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Khione April Assignment
She needs more attention from me, so I colored her a bit
Nieva the Vengeful

Nieva's name means snow or ice and was given to her due to her grandmother's time in the Ice Empire.


Snow Leopard


Gender; Female

Romanticism; Heteroromantic

Sexuality; Heterosexual


Past mentors: None
Current mentor: None


Current; 4 years 2 months

Starting; 2 years 8 months

Birthday: October 19, 49 B.C.


Dominant Traits:
Green-Yellow Eyes, Snow Leopard Spots, Bright Pelt Color, Darker Ear Color
Recessive Traits:
Lean Build, Dual Colored Pelt, Darker Inside Spots, Darker Tail Tip
Carrier Traits:
Entirely White Pelt, Blue Eyes, Yellow Eyes, Hollow Spots, White Tail Tip, Darker Pelt Color



Shorter than the average Snow Leopard. She stands one foot and eleven inches tall at shoulder height. Her length from nose to tail tip is about six feet and seven inches. She has a lean build but is currently a little overweight. Nie gets her looks from her mother's side of the family.


• Metal plates
• Red cloth
• Red see-through cape


[Fierce] - [Determined] - [Restless] - [Loyal] - [Empathetic] - [Vengeful]


Backing down? Definitely not Nieva's thing. She fights whatever and whenever necessary, primarily to protect those she cares about - a selected few.


Whenever Nieva put her mind to something, she'll highest likely do it. She's ambitious when it comes to achieving new goals - mainly for herself - and anyone who stands in the way, won't get away without a piece of her mind.  


Nieva rarely sleeps. She hardly sits down. She is always on the move, whether it's on a patrol or just hanging around the territory. She often takes trips - finding a good tree - to watch what she can of the city, keeping an eye on any cats moving towards the empires.


Nieva is loyal to both her empire, the other empires and her friends. She's had some run-ins with the 'damn' hunters before and is pretty much loyal to everyone who fights against them. Of course, that is only temporary loyalty - it can soon change. Want it to last? Become her friend.


She doesn't really mention it, but if someone gets hurt, she'll be the first to feel bad for them. She hates seeing others in pain, yet, she doesn't try to comfort them. She meerly watches them from a distance.


When someones' had a taste of her blood, she'll want to taste theirs. Due to her determined and restless nature, she'll spend much of her time training and planning for how to get back at whoever hurt her or someone she knew.



[ Cubhood ]
The wild. That's what they called it - the place where she was born and raised. Some chose to frown upon it, others admired it. She never really thought about it that much. It was her home and that's it. Her mother, a beautiful and usually bright colored snow leopard named Ailis, was just like her. She too grew up in 'the wild'. Her father, on the other hand, she didn't know much about him. She remembered his darker fur, his scent and fierce personality, but that was it. She didn't really have a chance to get to know him though, he left soon after she was born.
  After her mates disappearance, Ailis was alone - well, except for Nieva.

[ Apprentice ]
Growing up, Nieva was told bedtime stories about this far off land in which cats lived side by side. Empires, they called it. From what she had heard, it was supposed to be coliseum run-aways that had decided to settle down in a group - to protect themselves from ever getting caught by the bounty hunters and thereby getting dragged back to their cages.
  At first, she didn't quite believe it, but Ailis insisted that what she told was true. She claimed, that if anything was to happen to her, Nieva should seek out the empires and find safety there. After many nights of stories and discussions, Nieva promised to do so. Ailis was a caring and loving mother, but she made sure to teach her daughter some manners and punish her when she didn't do as said. It didn't help that Nieva was an extremely stubborn cub. A lot of nights the two hardly talked to each other. As time went by, Ailis got used to this and eventually she became rather distant.

[ Gladiator ]
When Nieva turned two years old, she left her mother to become a rouge. It seemed to be an easy way to live at first - besides the loneliness. It was only her, taking care of herself, but she didn't realize the mistake she had made until it was too late. See, when she turned her back on her cubhood home, she had to find a new one to herself and she did - a place much closer to the city of Massilia. She had heard about the bounty hunters, but she had never met one. Not until she was nearly three years old. One afternoon when she came back from her hunt, she heard loud voice nearby her 'home'. She could even hear the metal from their armors. She was too curious to run away, but too careful to approach them. So, she stood her ground. But not much later, they came back. She knew that their job was to find coliseum-runaways and bring them back to their humans, but since she had been a rouge her entire life, she assumed that she was safe. As the hunters patroled near her, she overheard some of their conversations. A topic that came up often was some upcoming fight, between them and the empires. She remembered what her mother had told her about these empires. How so many cats lived together in peace. Though she wouldn't admit it, she was feeling even more lonely when she heard how the hunters chit-chatted. After days of searching, she found the empires - or, one of them. Air empire, they called it.  
The story above is what Nieva tells other empire cats, when they ask why she came. Some of it is true, some of it isn't. She has conviniently left out parts, for example; her previous mate, Silas, whom she was with during 2 years of age. Silas was a coliseum fighter, but he occasionally left the coliseum to visit Nieva.  The two would spend time together behind Ailis' back. Of course, since Silas technically was a run-away, the bounty hunters decided to hunt him down and force him to stay in the city. When they came for him, Silas saved his own ass by leading them to Nieva and Ailis, while running far away himself. This broke Nieva's heart, but also gave her a reason to dislike the hunters, that stole her mother.
  Due to the turn of events, Nieva never told Silas that she was expecting their cubs. Not did she search for him, when she gave birth to them. With her mother gone and herself being as young as she was, she didn't think that she was ready to take care of cubs. She didn't know what to do and just left the cubs alone - in the wilderness. She never knew what happened to them afterwards, and didn't really care. Or, didn't really like to care.
Missing her mother, afraid to being alone and haunted by things she had done in the past, not to mention a hatred for the bounty hunters, she joined air empire. That's it. That's the true story - the one she never tells.
After spending some time in Air Empire and fighting in the battle of Massilia, Nieva decided to pursue her plan to find her mother and bring her back. When the leopard, Laertes, brought foward the idea of starting an empire to fight the hunters, Nieva didn't hesitate to join. Surely, there would be many more chances of finding her mother through Stone Empire, than through Air.

More will be written when developed.

Extra Info

● Does not wear her armor much.
● Scar was given to her from the hunter, Orcus.

Other Facts


Apprentices and mentors

Current Apprentice; None

Other Apprentices; None

Current Mentor; None

Family and Relations


Mother: Ailis
Snow Leopard
Alive?, NPC

Father: Demetrius/Cassius
Snow Leopard
Alive?, NPC

Grandfather: Khione
Snow Leopard
Alive?, NPC

Siblings: Agro, Nedria, Thalia
Nieces/Nephews: Aster, Anura, Rylan, Garen, Kaien, Plato, Orpheus, Freya, Castalia, Scaeden, Victoria, Athios
Adopted: Evira, Roanoke, Caedric, Argyl

Amabel, Moreno, Malvolio

Adopted Cubs


•Silas -Formerly

(Previously owned by Saffaye [creator], JaywolfKip )


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