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TAC || Victoria Marie Dawson
Name: Victoria Marie Dawson
Name Meaning: Victoria: Victory || Marie: Rebellion || Dawson: David's Son
Nickname(s): Vic, Vicky, Tor, Tori, Toria, Via, Vicky-T, Ria, Tia
Gender: Female

Species: American Kestrel

Current Age: 25
    Starting Age: 25

Birthday: March 17th
Zodiac: Pisces
District: Suburb
Occupation: Zoo Worker
Workplace: Paradise Zoo

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Scent: Coffee

Voice: Emma Stone

Height: 5''2

Weight: 119

Physical Description
Victoria is a short female. She has naturally red wavy hair. She walks with a skip in her step, and sometimes her head bobs lightly. She holds herself in a straight posture when standing. Her arms and legs are slightly muscular. She has paler skin and freckles sprayed across her face. She holds her wings outwards when she stands, and only folds them in when compacted into tighter spaces. She has light green eyes. Her back is covered in soft red feathers with black stripes.


Bullet; Green Friendly Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Creative Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Social Bullet; Green
Bullet; Yellow Energetic Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Yellow Confident Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Yellow Collector Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Red Judgemental Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red Secretive Bullet; Red
Bullet; Red Ambituous Bullet; Red

Vic loves is extremly friendly. She'll talk to people while she works, asking them how they're doing, if anything exciting is going on, or how they like the cafe. Victoria is very creative. She loves art, crafts, writing and cooking. She hopes to one day publish a book that she wrote and illustrated. Vicky will talk all day long. She hates awkward silences, and laughs way too much. She smiles most of the time she talks and considers everybody her friend. Due to being a coffee addict, Victoria is constantly full of energy. This energy helps her work without getting too tired or worn out. Vic is extremely confident. She doesn't care what other people think about her, as long as they keep it to themselves. Victoria collects things from fuzzy socks to limited edition Starling Wars action figures. She keeps them neatly organized on shelves and in clostets, and whenever she finds herself low on cash, she goes onto Craneslist and sells some items. Vic is very judgemenal, but luckily normally keeps it to herself. Vic is very secretive. She deals with lots of things by herself. If she's having a hrad time, she won't let anybody know. Victoria is very ambitious. She has goals to do lots of things, mainly, open up her own shop and become an author.


Mother: Anika Dawson || 45 || Alive
Father: Jospeh Dawson || 49 || Alive
Sibling(s): N/A


Bullet; White Bullet; White  Uncertain
Bullet; White  Neutral 
Bullet; Blue  Acquaintance
Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue  Friend
Bullet; Green  Close Friend
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green  Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow  Attraction
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow  Crush
Bullet; Pink  Non-Romantic Love
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink  Romantic Love
Bullet; Red  Dislike
 Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange  Suspicious
 Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Broken Bond 
Bullet; Black  Jealous
 Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Dead/Missing
Bullet; Purple  Respect
 Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Admiration
Heart  Spouse/Husband/Wife
Rose  Lover/Date Mate/Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Black Rose  Ex

-Had a really grumpy fat cat named Professor Piggily Wiggins
-Is the smallest of the small children
-Loves cereal
-Donuts and coffee all day long

Anika Remington and Joseph Dawson met at Paradise Zoo. The two got along quite nicely, and went for a cup of coffee at the restaurant next to the reptile house. About a year after they, Anika and Joseph were married. After three years of marriage, Victoria Marie Dawson was born.

Victoria was energetic from the start. She fiddled around with everything, her mother's hair, her father's glasses, their kitten Lucy's tail, and gnawed on her wings with her gums.

At the age of three, Vic found a love for animals. She spent almost two hours a day following Lucy around the house. When Lucy curled up on the couch for a nap, Victoria climbed up the couch to pet her until she got tired and curled up with Lucy to fall asleep as well.

As a six year old, Vic discovered fuzzy socks. She found that they were much warmer, and believed that they were more fun, too. She went everywhere wearing her fuzzy socks. She once even took a bath wearing them -- until Anika rushed in and took them from her and wringed them out.

Luckily, Victoria did become calmer and less obnoxious as the years passed. She only wore fuzzy socks at home or if it was cold outside, she didn't suck her thumb or carry around her favorite blanket (blankie) constantly, and she finally let go of a majority of her stuffed animals.

At 17 years old, she got a job as a waitress at a coffee shop. During her job, she found a love of coffee at the shop. She drank a cup of it every morning before starting her day and found that it gave her a more pleasant and positive attitude. She quit her job to head off to college to study animals.

Victoria graduated from the university and worked at Robin's 31 Flavored Ice Cream Parlor until she was 24. At the age of 24, Victoria got a job at the Paradise Zoo as a worker.

In Game History

Roleplay Sample

From :icontheromandefection:

Dorian sluggishly pulled his large body up from sleep. He blinked as his right eye's vision cleared and his left eye's vision stayed dark and blurry. He sighed and stretched, his striped fur bristling. He heard the loud voices of other cats as usual. Dori sniffed and scrunched his nose, an odd smell filled his scent. He stumbled through the crowd of cats, murmuring apologies, "S-sorry, didn't s-see you there, pardon m-me,"
He greeted his sisters good morning and continued walking. The scent was getting stronger now that the smells of the cubs were further away. He felt out of place among the other obnoxious cubs, so he spent most of his time away from them. His nose was filled with the smell now, and he didn't even notice himself straying so far away from his home. He suddenly found himself so deep in thought. He thought about why he had to fight when he grew up, why he had to hurt other cats when he was older.
Suddenly he ran into a wall. "Ouch!" He inhaled sharply and moaned. A sharp pain shot through his grey snout. He looked over and noticed what the source of the smell was: a large dead rabbit. It was rotted and flies buzzed around it. He yelped and stumbled back.
"Ma! Pa! H-help!" He screeched in surprise. He felt the pain in his head subsiding slowly, replaced by the feeling of horror. A dead animal. Right in front of him.

Watch This! || EBC
"Cal, you really shouldn't."
"Aw, come on Grace! Just one scare wouldn't hurt. They're practically begging for it."
"The last thing Mom and Dad need is somebody telling them that you misbehaved. Again. They'll ground you."
"I'm gonna do it. Watch this."

I got a new art program!!! I'm super happy with it <3

Calvin gets in trouble a lot :')


Gracelyn- Polarfleets 
Calvin- Me


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